A*Team - support group for asexual and aromantic people

A*TEAM is a support group for a-, demi-,grey sexual and romantic people as well as their friends and families in Dresden.

You are asexual, meaning you feel little or no sexual attraction to other people?

You are demi-sexual, meaning you only feel sexual attraction to other people with whom you have a deep emotional bond?

You are grey-sexual, meaning you cannot/do not want to define yourself, or there"s several words describing you or maybe you don"t know how to define yourself?

You are a-, demi-, or grey romantic, meaning you have little to no romantic attraction to other people or you are not sure yourself?

You are a partner, friend or family member and want to support someone who is demi, grey, asexual or romantic?

Then you"re very welcome to the A*TEAM. We offer room for information, discussion and support!

We meet every first Friday of every month. Participation is voluntary. For more information please contact us at
a_team-info@gmx.de RE: ATeam